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Title: How to Post Pictures
Post by: OldiesButGoodies on November 07, 2015, 03:02:05 PM

To post pictures:

You have to figure out how to save pictures in a smaller size - usually there is a "save as" or "export file" option that you can use to create a smaller "jpg" file that works in your image editor.

Another way is to upload your pictures into photo a hosting site like photobucket (or Flickr, etc.).  ( (  The account is free as long as you do not exceed a certain utilization level.  Once there just get (i.e., copy using ctrl-C orCommand-C if using a mac) the "direct link" code for the photo you want to post:


You can then use "Image" icon above in the editor to post your pic - click on it and paste the "Direct" link characters from Photobucket in between the "IMG" letters and brackets that will show up. Hope that helps.   Reads confusing but it is easy once you do it a few times.   

PS: This will also work in other forums using "BBCode".