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Sounds like a good time. Alas, distance is my enemy!
Don't need a table and don't have much if anything to sell.  But, I do plan to see you then.
Only the mini ones since it is a mini swap.
hot dogs?
I'm in.
I would like to give it a try, if it does not rain. Come and set up a table, lets see what happens. First Saturday in July. That will be the 7th.

Audio crap, vinyl, whatever.

Let me know.

You will need to bring a table and or a canopy if needed.

4024 Mount Royal Blvd.  Most of you know where it is.
Home Audio Equipment in the Burgh / Re: Polk SDA 1C
« Last post by Jeff M on June 13, 2018, 09:54:06 AM »
Make a fair offer on these. I really do need to make room asap. The weather looks great now for a nice short road trip.
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