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A Craigslist Connection
« on: April 18, 2013, 11:23:58 PM »
I just happened to have expanded my Craigslist search for a good turntable and as a result hooked up with your Steve via phone and he pointed me in this direction.  I am in the process of rebuilding the system of my youth...well maybe with some upgrades but certainly short of the high level of many of you on this forum.  Nevertheless I am putting together an audio system that will satisfy my audio requirements as well as my Techie and "wheels and buttons" needs!! I love spinning wheels and good vibrations!!  A few flashing lights that are in time with the beat complete the picture.  I don't have the resources right now to delve too deeply into this but I am a retired (66) electronics tech with an appreciation of music of all types and the systems designed to deliver it.
I am also into flying, have my private pilot certificate and I have a small two seat amateur-built aircraft that takes me places that music can't. I also have an active interest in video and so I tend to combine all my interests and I love making flying videos with appropriate music soundtracks.  If you are interested, this is my youtube channel  I hope to do better when I get my new audio system set up!  Cheers!

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Re: A Craigslist Connection
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Welcome to the group!!
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Re: A Craigslist Connection
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Re: A Craigslist Connection
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Welcome.  Got a stereo in the plane?
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Re: A Craigslist Connection
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Welcome skysailor!!!

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Re: A Craigslist Connection
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Welcome to the forum!