Author Topic: Looking to buy an Ipod gen 5.5 for experimentation of Dac analysis.. CHEAP  (Read 530 times)

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haha , never thought i would say this out loud on this forum but here it goes..

looking for an Ipoop (i mean ipod) Generation 5 or 5.5 enhanced to do an A/B/C comparison.
i am learning about Dacs and want to further my research by some low level testing.
the 4,5, and 5.5 have Wolfson Dacs. I have a 4 and a 7 and want to compare it to the 5.

Yes i have read article after article on the differences, but it all means nothing if i can not hear it..

If you have one laying around and want to donate it for a mediocre sum that would be great.
As i am sure the majority of you are far beyond this stage of your lives and have moved on to squeeze boxes (very interesting, but they are EOL, and will soon be unsupported)  or Astell&Kern K120 (very interesting but $$$$) type of lossless sources, i am taking the steps to understand why it is justifiable ( a term i am getting more familiar with when dealing with the wife) to spend $$$$ to hear the difference. Or to not spend $$$ and hear the difference. I am currently looking into purchasing my first DAC but want to understand the foundations.

BOTTOM LINE after my ramble..

I am looking for an IPOD Gen 5.5 for Cheap. like $20 cheap.