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~Gone Active~
« on: October 20, 2010, 04:53:39 AM »
Thought I would post this here; I started on this project & have it posted on other forums. This is a LONG thread, so bear with me...

I pulled out the solder iron & bypassed the passive crossovers in my AL-IIIs today; it took about 2 hours all told to get the Ashley crossover installed (what a snakes nest behind the unit now with 5.1 setup!!) and unsolder the x-over and solder the speakers back inline with the fuses*. \:D/  \:D/

[size=85]*Should I be using a lower rated fuse now without the crossovers installed??[/size]

About 15 seconds after I finished & was connecting the last speaker to the amp, a major storm blew through and knocked out our power for about 2 hours!!   ](*,)  ](*,)

The power came back on about the time & had decided to just go to bed, so I ran upstairs & got everything prepped, turned it on, adjusted the crossover and discovered....


I HATED the sound coming out of the ribbons (nasal-ish sounding), and the bass was weak!   :(

SO, I did some playing around with the levels, gave a little bit of treble boost via the TG-IV, and it's now sounding MUCH better, although I realize I'm not going to be happy until I get the Rane parametric equalizers in place (20 minutes left on the auction as I type this!) & shape the sound a little.  First impression is the upper midrange is boosted a LOT with this direct connection, but I can also tell a lot of power has been freed up from the amp.  The AL-III x-overs are real power hogs~

So far, things are sound pretty damned good     ;D ;D ;D

More to come...................... :D[/quote]

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