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My HT Setup
« on: June 24, 2014, 11:51:41 PM »
Well, my system is ever-changing. I just in the last two weeks got a new TV stand and a new couch, so everything has been moved about. I'm currently running a 4.1(+) setup. Here's what it is for now:
Mains: MBquart Quart 1000, 3-way floorstanders, 8" Woofer 5" Mid and Titanium dome tweeter.
Rears: Custom built, 3" Tang Band full-range drivers, 2 per sealed box. Wall mounted.
Sub: 15" Dayton Titanic Mk3, ~2.5cf sealed box. It doubles as the coffee table (Mixed drinks, anyone?)
Sub Amplifier: BGW GTB; >1500w into 4ohms bridged. X-over is at 70hz.
Receiver: Marantz NR-1403 w/Audyssey
TV: 42" Samsung, 1080p, 120hz, non-smart.
(+) Refers to couch shakers soon to be (re)installed. 4 Dayton Pucks and 1 Aura Bass Shaker. All low-passed with the subs for 70hz down. They will be on their own amp, haven't chosen which one yet. Really brings a unique experience to movies.
Laptop is my primary input for the system. It's blu-ray capable.

I have a lot of fun with my HT setup. The Marantz is nice because you press the 'Direct' button and you're back to a very clean 2 channel system. I'm always rotating things in and out, the lady loves my Audyssey frequency sweeps all the time. I'm refurbishing some custom-built mains currently which may be back in the rotation soon.