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Basement setup
« on: June 25, 2014, 09:48:14 PM »
The processor is a Denon 4520ci.    It is configured for 11.2 channels,  which it decodes in several modes but I use Neo X the most.  I have an Aragon 2004 driving the L and R front to keep the receiver cool.

Sources include an Oppo BDP-105D (Darbee version).  I can use that as a post processing for the FIOS box connected to it (apply Darbee processing) as well as a DAC for everything digital in my setup (it has 8 inputs).  I can watch Netflix from it but I do that mostly from a separate Roku box.    I think this is a great player,  but if I could back I would have saved the $600 and gone with the cheaper 103.  Darbee processing helps enough to be worth the extra C note.

On the video display side I have a Samsung 65" non-smart LCD hat does 1080p and 120hz. Decent for regular viewing.  Projection is done via a Mitsubishi 7900 that ProjectorDude recommended and I love.  Highly recommended.  Projection screen is a motorized 120" Elite screen with 1:1 gain.  Love the motorized convenience.

On speakers:  The front is all Polks.  RTI12 left and right,  CSi5 center, two RM130 for wides,  and another two 1300s for height.  side surround is handled by Energy bipoles,  rear channels by Definitive dipoles.  Subwoofers include two Emptek 1010is and one M&K MX5000. 

How does it sound?  Not as good as it could.  Mixing a home theater and two channel setups in the same room is tough.  Still have not found the best config.  Friends that pop by love the sound and think it is great,  but being a geek I sense the magic potential has not been reached.  For one,  the RTI12 towers are set too far apart.  They for an even-sided triangle at my seating position from a distance point of view,  I think they need to be at 2/3 or less. 

For seating I use 4 Ikea Poang chairs.  Not the best option but good enuf for me. 

Spkr: Harbeth 30.1 on Sound Anchor stands
Pre: Schiit Saga
Power:  Rogue Stereo 90 Super Magnum
Phono: VPI Aries 1,  Denon 103R, PS Audio GCPH
CD: Oppo 203
Sub: Rhythmik FV15HP

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Re: Basement setup
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2014, 09:54:41 PM »
Very nice Pepe!  Congrats on a very nice system.  I will make it my mission to hear and see your system this Summer!

We've seen plenty of pics, but you should have a few beauty shots to share with us.

Also, do you have an upstairs system?

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Re: Basement setup
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2014, 10:47:33 PM »
11.2! Very cool. That is a beast of a set-up.

Looks like you could def appreciate the new Atmos audio format haha
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