Author Topic: Carver "The Receiver" Transformer Buzz and Buzz Through Speakers (with video)  (Read 797 times)

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My Carver Receiver (MXR-150) is experiencing loud buzzing of it's transformer and the similar buzzing sound can be heard through the speakers.
The volume of the buzz through the speakers is steady and constant and does not vary with the volume control.
The music will mask over the buzzing through the speakers at moderate volume or greater.

Any ideas of the causes and cure??

Someone recently posted the exact same issue on Youtube here:

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Oouch - that sounds like a dying power transformer.   OCCD - can you comment? Not sure how custom-made those transformers were,  they may be tough to find (you can look for a donor parts unit).

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After doing a bit of research, I have found one with the same receiver and he said that he traced his problem, very much like yours, to the  silicon controlled rectifier.

This may or may not be the issue.  It could also just be the tranny going out as well.  Good place to get a nice replacement is here.

Good luck.
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