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Saturday shopping
« on: December 10, 2017, 08:00:32 AM »
Was out on the estate sale circuit Saturday with my wife, the Empress.  She got me up early to drive out to Nevillewood, where I was second in line behind Chuck, an audiophile type from Butler who was chatty and told me about buying a few things from Hal and Dale recently.  He also bought the DQ10s they had for $250.   I probably overpaid for a couple pairs of small Advents but my brain was still thawing out from the waiting in line to make a good decision.  From there, the Empress and I made a few more stops, one in West Mifflin, where I found a non descript box in a cluttered garage, opened it and, lo and behold, saw a Sony ST-80W tuner and a Heathkit SA-2 (complete with manual).  The Heathkit needs some cleaning but plays (though scratchy.)   Working on it should be a instructive little project for the winter months.  At the last stop, I found a gorgeous and working pair of KLH 6s.   Not a bad day after all. 
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Re: Saturday shopping
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In my experience you had an outstanding day.  I have searched more for much less.  I am surprised you didn't run into Hal and Dale
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Re: Saturday shopping
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