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Service Manuals
« on: December 12, 2017, 06:24:21 PM »
I am not sure this is the best place to post this, and maybe some of you already found this resource, but I want to recommend Norman at as a great resource for hard to find manuals.  If it isn't on Audio Engine or Vinyl Engine, try AnalogAlley.

I needed a manual for an all in one Proton music system (AI 3000 mkII) and AnalogAlley had it in a pdf download, which meant I could get it almost immediately.  Of course I screwed up the order, buying the wrong manual and then my PayPal locked up, so my planned day to fix the Proton went down the drain.

I emailed the vendor explaining my stupid mistake and got a response form Norm within 24 hours.  While he had no reason to believe I wasn't trying to scam him and get a second manual without paying for it, Norm offered a full credit against the correct document.  He did require my word about the error and the fact I had not yet downloaded the incorrect manual, but that was more than fair (and the truth).

PS, the Proton system is toast, it needs unobtanium parts to correct the cassette player malfunction and so I will probably parts it out.  Cosmetics are excellent and it has the drop down front panel and remote, two things usually missing.
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