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Downsizing some crazy hifi stuff
« on: September 14, 2018, 09:39:36 AM »
Hi Guys,

Haven't been on here for a while, mainly because I live in Atlanta now. I have some outstanding pieces for sale, mainly because I spend maybe 2 hours a week listening and have some extra stuff that will due well for now.

Music Server:

Antipodes DX Gen 2 with 2 TB storage - I have this listed elsewhere for 3,000. PM me if you want to know forum pricing. This is one of the best pieces that money can buy and the best I have heard in my system. I run Roon on it and the results are stunning and very analog. With the right DAC it will sound better than most analog rigs, including when I had VPI HR-X with any cart other than the Colibri XG-W.

Linestage / DAC / Phono:

I have a PD2 with an integrated DAC and Phono - I have this listed elsewhere for $5,000, PM me for forum pricing. This has cinema bipass meaning you can connect the 2 main speakers to it but on one output it can bipass and be controlled through the processor like a straight wire. This is incredibly convenient for those who like to integrate their HT and 2-channel setups. The DAC is better than just about everything I've compared it to minus the DCS Vivaldi (~$100,000) and depending on your setup maybe the Rockna Wavedream Signature ($20,000). Other DACs I compared it to weren't in the same league including many around the $12,000 range.


Phison A2.120SE - This thing is ruthless. Pitch black backgrounds and aggressive. You will get every ounce of detail from your system with no fatigue. It dislodged my VAC Renaissance 140 monoblocks, which I didn't think would ever happen. This is something that I don't have listed elsewhere but I'd probably let it go for around $5,500. It meshes very well with the PD2.

The components listed above are very easily an end game system if you set them up with a good set of speakers.
Speakers: Nearfield Acoustics Pipedreams Reference 18
Crown XLS2000 on subs
VAC Renaissance 30/70 (towers)
Preamplifier/DAC: Phison PD2
Server: Antipodes DX (everyone should investigate this brand)
Turntable: I will have one again... Looking at Hanss T60 or VPI Aries