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Re: Quad II 80s
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I've only had the Heresys and  Canton CT800s hooked up (using a 5 foot run of 12G wire) and they both sound very good.  As per rgpit's suggestion, I raised the 800s  off the floor a bit so the tweeters are around ear level.   I plan to insert a speaker selector into the chain and that will allow me to instantly A/B them.   Then I guess I'll need to listen to some dynamic recordings that I am very familiar with like 'Dark Side of the Moon', "Kind of Blue" and "Brothers in Arms" .  Maybe the Beatles mono CD box.   And even take a few notes on particular songs because honestly don't have the memory to recall those unique details that might separate one speaker from the other.  And I really think I would like to sell one or two pars of the 'more premium" speakers that I have.  Right now I have the Canton 800s, the Heresys, Vandersteen 2Cs and Dahlquist DQ10s, all, to my ears, sound great.  They are "nice" to have around and rotate in but honestly can't justify storing these things just to have them (but that's just me).  Stayed tuned.    I have a couple questions for future threads and with all this downtime in the near future, we can at least be somewhat productive!!
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