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even more speakers
« on: February 28, 2010, 03:47:10 PM »
Here are some Advent's.  call me at 724 759 4813

First some excellent Advent Maestro's pretty rare speakers. Sound is superb, These woofers were re-foamed by Tom. These you an excellent domes mid range and dome tweeter. Condition is good, but not perfect, all drivers in very good condition. Cabinets and Pecan hard wood accents are good, grills are good. Again I really like the sound of these, low frequency response is excellent!!!
Price is $125.00

Next is a pair of large Advents, woofer's need to be re-foamed.. Cabinets are wood, should be refinished, grills are very nice, drivers are untested but should be good. I did not want to put any power to them, as the foam is falling of the woofers. The woofers have the metal basket, not the Masonite. I was going to make a pair of Econo-waves out of these, but lost interest. price is $25.00
UPDATE; I have had a couple phone calls wanting me to test the drivers. I hooked them up and all works well, the foam is not as bad as I thought, no holes in the one foam, the other foam has been patched with silicon. everything works and sounds good.
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